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Analysis of Subsurface Water

Volumetric and qualitative Analysis is an imperative phase of well drilling testing. After completion of all drilling activities, logging, casing installation and gravels packing different well water testing conducted for quantification analysis of groundwater. Bore and Bore drilled a water well in reputable multinational Pharmaceutical Company in Korangi Industrial Area. As the crucial requirement of client targeted getting less saline water in huge amount. So, BNB conducted various well water testing to analyze the borehole condition and quantifying the groundwater.

Our client is the second largest pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, BNB is proud to attain this mile stone. To have a water well testing is not only the task for BNB but the provision of safe, healthy and significant groundwater is also the key objective. In order to fulfil these objective BNB start drilling up to 1000ft. water well. After completion of drilling activity BNB performed the geophysical logs (Natural Gamma, Resistivity, SP and SPR) as per requirement of Client. Geophysical logging is very use full well water testing tool to recognition of aquifer zone and lithology of borehole. The logs acquired from boreholes have been used to interpret aquifer zone and the lithologies encountered in the borehole during drilling.


BNB moves towards hydraulic and permeability well water testing. Hydraulic well water testing is the air surging method uses compressed air injected in to the well to lift water to the surface. The air in then turned off, allowing the column of aerated water to fall back in to the well, reversing flow back into the aquifer. The cycle of the lifting the water column and then letting it drop by switching of the compressor is vital for the yield testing of aquifers by means of compressor this test provide the 35 USGPM discharge.


Furthermore, Permeability well water testing is the measure of the soil’s ability to permit water to flow through its pores or voids. In this well water testing, the water pumped out at constant rate and note down the drawdown of water level with time till the water level become constant. When BNB get desire discharge than well construction activity i.e. casing installation, gravel packing and well development started. During well development further well water testing conducted including compressor washing, well inclination by pump line method, long pump test, step down test and recovery test all these well water testing helps us to interpretation of aquifer modeling. BNB collect water sample for chemical analysis as per client requirement as client need low TDS water so, major physicochemical well water testing parameters analyzed by various standard methods.


After all, above mention well water testing, BNB succeeded in the provision of better quality and significant quantity of groundwater to his client. Aquifer analysis of well shows unconfined type of aquifer. Transmissivity ratio in subjected well is also good, due to which relatively good discharge and considerably less draw down observed and BNB able to ensure the good and healthy life of client’s tubewells.

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