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BNB is acting as a GIS consultant, working to modernize in various fields such as Topography survey, planning, design, stakeout, data base, GIS, geology, mine etc. It is our mission to provide accurate, accessible, and comprehensive data and services to support the needs of our citizens, private businesses and government sectors.  BNB also provides mapping and printing services and GIS data.

  • Topographical surveys and mapping
  • Constructing topographic (cross-sectional) profiles
  • Hydrogeological mapping and drainage pattern profile
  • Filed survey for data collection
  • Image processing
  • Large scale mapping
  • Master planning and estimation
  • Location and caller elevation survey with GPS
  • Land demarcation
  • Layout of roads, sewerage and plots
  • Linear plan for structure
  • Establishing vertical and horizontal control for accurately defining locations

BNB can recognize and analyze the spatial relationships that exist within digitally stored spatial data. These topological relationships allow complex spatial modelling and analysis to be performed. Topological relationships between geometric entities traditionally include adjacency (what adjoins what), containment (what encloses what), and proximity (how close something is to something else).

  • Reconstitute a sight in synthesized images of the ground
  • Determine a trajectory of over-flight of the ground
  • Calculate surfaces or volumes
  • Trace topographic profiles

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