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When production is started through a tube well; with that there also arise several technical issues. These issues are majorly related to operation and maintenance of the wells. Siltation process, damaging of casing pipes, pump motor issues are some of the main issues that are raised frequently. BNB designs several solutions for the maintenance of these wells.

These frequent water well issues can be fixed by chemical dozing, compressor washing, pump repairing and tapping of the formation where some crack or cavity is observed, however, for a well to be maintained these solution needs to be followed in proper manner in a particular timeline. The life span of water well is generally calculated through the siltation process of geological formation; with passage of time silt and sand particles choke the gravel pores. In general, the life span of a tube well solely depends on the Operation and Maintenance practices of the well by chemical dosing, back washing and water jetting.

Proper monitoring and maintenance of the tube wells will help predict the upcoming issues and serve in taking necessary actions. The installed submersible pump motor needs to be monitored physically at an interval of every 6 months. Seal and bush of the pump initially malfunctions, so they need to be replaced on time for the pump to work properly. Master Control Unit (MCU) and safety factors of submersible pump should be checked continuously at an interval of 6 months. The dry out sensor installed to prevent the pump from working against dry conditions ensures the water presence and normally gets affected when it is left for too long in the well, resulting in scaling and salt preservation on surface thus, giving out false reading due to which the motor burns out.

The 3M slicing kit; used to form a connection between electrical cable and motor wire has an outer plastic shell with a life of 2 years. In well maintenance steps, it is recommended to inspect the joint every 12 months to prevent any malfunction of joints and cables. Furthermore, in the process of lowering and dismantling of submersible pump, the cable along with it sometime disintegrates due to friction while lowering, resulting in water intrusion in cable’s outer insulation whereas over conductivity between the three phases results in the burn out of the motor, therefore, it is recommended to inspect the cable at every 12 months and replace it when needed.

Drop pipes and pipes joining material i.e. nuts, bolts etc. gets rusted and fused due to the presence of high TDS level in the water, resulting in the fall of drop pipes when they are not properly monitored, so it is recommended to inspect them from time to time and replace if needed. The gaskets (packing sheet) can also eventually bursts if water flow decreases by butterfly valve, blockage caused due to filters, any hurdles faced in discharge of water, when surface of pipes gets rusted or distorted in high frequency or due to reverse polarization of motor during operation.

Another step of well maintenance is the chemical dosing; a treatment with sodium hexa-meta phosphate including all previous steps after every 18 months for 24 hours. To procure sustainable quantity of water it is necessary to rehabilitate the water well after 24 months of well construction. In rehabilitation of well, video logging is an essential step for well maintenance which gives a clear view and condition of the water well. BNB is the renowned company providing the services of video logging for well maintenance. If the video logging result shows the s presence of siltation process in the well then air compressor washing should be done for the maintenance of well.

BNB recommends these well maintenance steps to their overall clientele. It is assured that the clients are satisfied with their well condition and are acquiring their required quantity of water after following through this well maintenance timeline.

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