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Bore and Bore (BNB) is one of the largest emerging firms in the drilling industry. Established in 1990 with the aim of revolutionizing the national drilling industry and its programs designed to meet the challenges of the market, BNB In a very short span of time captured the drilling industry with its ambitious approach and hard work. The most diligent and hardworking team of BNB make it possible for BNB to stand as an emerging firm and a market leader in Pakistan. BNB has a keen track record of working throughout Pakistan with more than 1500 satisfied clients.Currently, BNB is a second generation firm, with its portfolio consisting of four sectors which include Hydro (water drilling) Sector, Geophysical Exploration Sector, Geotechnical (Soil investigation/ Lab testing/ Piling) Sector and O&M (Operation and Maintenance) Sector. The team of most brilliant and exceptional Geophysicists and Geologists of BNB always has certain new ideas and hands on experience to serve the nation with satisfaction and efficiency. The state-of-the-art technology of BNB enables new techniques and methods to be introduced in Pakistan to provide solutions of planet needs. BNB since its establishment has enhanced the quality of the services provided by using world’s latest technologies, equipment and tools. We constantly strive to revamp the drilling system with cost-effective, time friendly and reliable approach.


To succeed in life; vision, ambition, courage, challenges, risks, confidence, self-potential is the most necessary elements. With a confidence in their potential, a clear vision and ambition, a person can achieve success in any field of life.

“Our vision is to provide high-quality, state of the art consultation and execution services in the field of geology, hydrogeology, geotechnical, water treatment and natural resources.”

We aspire to take BNB to an international platform with high quality standards and zero tolerance policy on quality with our most latest and advanced techniques and solution skills. To unlock and explore new regimes of planet, BNB is working day and night for establishing new horizons.


BNB is an evolving brand in the drilling industry. BNB is developing his resources on national and international scale, to revolutionize the drilling industry on solid basis with innovative thinking and latest technology to deliver professional solutions, focusing on the care of customer’s needs. Our solutions inspire customers and help us getting recognized as the leading specialist in the market.

Our Team

Faizan Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer


Mahrukh Zaheer

Sales And Marketing Specialist


Muhammad Faheem Akram

Deputy Manager Operations & Maintenance


Farheen Asghar

Senior Geologist


Malik Sajid Hussain

Deputy Project Manager Hydrogeology

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