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Hidden Hurdles Of Boreholes

From the spud of borehole till its construction to production, each and every parameter matters to us. Following the suitable steps leading to the successful conclusion, otherwise challenges befalls but in this modern era, technology has certainly reduced the struggles and lessen the failures. Similarly, our industry is not behind in technology and expertly dealing the downfalls with finest engineering options.

Video Logging

Amongst many borehole exploration tools Video Logging Instrument has significant implementation and considered superlative in exploring or having visuals inside the borehole. Hence, not many practitioners in Pakistan are having access to this technology nor have teachings to function with such devices. Video Logging Tool was introduced by BNB in Pakistan back in early 2015. First time, Video Logging Technology applied at Nestle borehole in Port Qasim for Schlumberger, it turned out to be successful, which further helped Nestle to retain the existing well with minor maintenance of borehole.

Hurdles may encounter after the casing has been done. Video logging serves as a problem solver and solution provider to the society regarding its water needs and boreholes development. The factory located in the Lasbela Industrial Development Authority (LIDA) namely as Digital Dyeing Pvt Ltd encountered a problem in its 285 ft deep water well. The video logging is the ultimate solution for the problem as the water producing from this borehole was giving silty water with suspended particles making it useless. Nobody knew what the real problem in the borehole is. Rectification was not possible without identifying the issue. Video logging is the primary initiative for anybody to look upon. Then, they approached BNB for the solution of their problem. Therefore, our video logging equipment stands to be the one most efficient tool in the market for the live monitoring and recording of the current borehole scenario which gives the real time picture of the borehole that what is the problem in the borehole and why it is behaving like this.

Video logging is the source which enables us to counter the main hurdle in the borehole. The borehole casing was damaged badly at the depth of 159 ft having a big crack due to which the silt and formation particles are intruding into the borehole and the water is wholly contaminated with silt and suspended particles. So, video logging is the only source which led to encounter the main problem. Video logging equipment is a portable tool consisting of winch, high resolution camera and necessary tools. All over the Pakistan our video logging services stand to be one of the most reliable and effective borehole hurdles unlocking tool. Like this, our video logging phenomenon sets another milestone also like in Indigo Textile pvt Ltd, Denim E Clothing, H2 Readymix, Thar coal block 2, Shangrila foods, Petaro Nooriabad, US Embassy Islamabad, Lakhani Silk Mills. Our Video logging services serves at various domestic and industrial boreholes.

In Pakistan, video logging is the essential need for water borehole related issues. Whereas, advancement in video logging equipment has led the water industry to solve problems efficiently with more reliability and satisfaction. Video logging is now being used as a bore casing monitor, to find out the static water table in the bore. Water quality of the bore is easily observed by video logging phenomenon. Video logging is also helpful in determining the total depth of borehole.


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