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Journey of Bore and Bore to BNB Consolidate

BNB consolidate is the market leader in Hydrogeological and Geotechnical sectors of Pakistan. Our team of highly motivated engineers and geologist help drive BNB towards our goal of market leadership through the use of innovative methods and advance instrumentations.  Bore and Bore, established in 1990 as a trifling drilling company with less number of drilling rigs is now providing and expending its services in all Geological sector i.e. Hydrogeological study, Geo-Technical investigation, Geophysical sector and Topographical mapping throughout Pakistan.

In these 3 decades of long journey, Bore and Bore struggled progressively and faced hurdles and losses as well as success and achievements simultaneously. Bore and Bore drilled more than 1000s of shallow and deep-water wells throughout Pakistan in that time period. It established its assets in this era. It started its journey with 2 drilling rigs which are the leading assets of a drilling company. In 1996, Bore and Bore drilled their very first 1000ft water well that stands as the stepping stone for the company and helped BNB successfully extend their assets to a total of 6 drilling rigs and other equipment, becoming Pakistan’s one of the renowned drilling company it is today.


In 2013, Bore and Bore was turned into BNB consolidate with expanding their wings in various Geological services sector. It became a firm providing all Geological services rather than just a drilling company. BNB Consolidate later introduced BNB Engineering as the leading Soil Testing Company in the market. BNB also stands in Geophysical sector and installations of Water Treatment Plants. In this time period, BNB has also installed dozens of R.O plants in different cities of Pakistan; majority in industrial hubs of Karachi and resettlement areas of Thar.


After expanding their list of services, BNB was able to capture the market with various projects all over Pakistan. With the definite time period the assets of the company also increased with now BNB owning 8 different types of drilling rigs including Truck Mounted Heavy Straight Drilling Rigs, Hydraulic straight drilling Rigs, Tripod Straight Drilling Rigs, Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs, Soil investigation drilling Rigs with different diameter of bit size i.e. 8.25 to 36”.


All these equipment and services allows BNB to provide the one window turn key solutions, which is the essential need of Industry to plan and execute the sustainable projects.


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