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BNB offers a complete package from reconnaissance surveys to hydro drilling to provision and installation of Reverse Osmosis plant, Geotechnical instruments installation, commissioning and monitoring of dam sites, barrages, land sliding fields etc. BNB also encounter the challenges in aspects of hydrogeological, water filtration, geotechnical, geological, geophysical and Topographical divisions. The few of major services and capabilities are mention below.

1. Drilling for domestic and industrial tube wells
2. Drilling of Disposable or injection wells
3. Bore Well Development.
4. Rehabilitation of tube wells
5. Borehole chemical treatment/Chemical Dosing
6. Hydrogeological Conceptual modeling
7. Aquifer analysis
8. Water budget study
9. Long pump test.
10. Step Down Test
11. Pump maintenance
12. Rental pump services
13. Compressor testing
14. Plumb line/measuring of inclination well
15. Permeability test
16. Comprehensive chemical analysis of water
17. Supplies for submersible pumps and its accessories
18. Supplies for Casing
19. Onshore and offshore geotechnical investigation
20. Coring and non-coring of Deep borehole
21. Reservoir estimation and budgeting
22. Core Cutting
23. Collection of soil and water samples
24. Standard penetration test
25. Cone penetration test
26. Undisturbed Sampling
27. Cube Test
28. Cylinder test
29. Slug Test
30. Roof deflection test/slab
32. Plate load test
33. Piling works for bridges and buildings
34. Pile capping

35. Pile Integrity Test
36. Secant Pile
37. Field Density Test
38. Triaxial
39. Marshall Stability and Flow Test
40. Abrasion Test
41. Absorption Test
42. Consolidation Test
43. Collapse Potential
44. Direct Share
45. Unconfined Compression Test
46. Point Load Test
47. Atterberg Limits
48. Specific Gravity Test
49. California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
50. Modified Proctor Test
51. Standard Proctor Test
52. Density Test
53. Sulphate Soundness Test
54. Alkalinity Test
55. Concrete Mix Design
56. Chemical Analysis of Soil
57. Installation & Commissioning of Dewatering System
58. Installation of ADAS/SCADA system
59. Installation of piezometer
60. Installation of inclinometer
61. Installation of tiltmeter
62. Installation of soil extensometer
63. Installation of high sensitivity settlement system
64. Installation of earth pressure cells
65. Installation of pile tip pressure cells
66. Installation of load cells
67. Installation of stress meter
68. Installation of instantel
69. Delineation of aquifer zones by Electric resistivity survey

69. Delineation of aquifer zones by Electric resistivity survey
70. Establishing ground conductivity for earth by soil resistivity survey
71. 2D/3D modelling, Tomography
72. Induce Polarization (IP)
73. Self-Potential Surface Exploration survey
74. Seismic Reflection
75. Seismic Refraction
76. Seismic Downhole
77. Seismic Cross hole
78. Soil resistivity
79. Natural Gamma ray log
80. Spontaneous potential log
81. Single Point Resistance log
82. Deep and Shallow Resistivity log
83. Thermography log
84. Video logging/well inspection
85. Water Leveling/ profiling
86. Hydrogeological mapping and drainage pattern profile
87. Field survey
88. Image processing
89. Large scale mapping
90. Location and caller elevation survey with GPS
91. Land demarcation
92. Layout of roads, sewerage and plots
93. Linear plan for structure
94. Vertical and horizontal control for currently defining location
95. Installation of Reverse Osmosis System
96. Installation of Effluent Treatment Plant
97. Installation of Nano Filtration System
98. Installation of Micro Filtration System
99. Installation of Ultra Filtration System
100. Ozonation
101. violet-C

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