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The DDR 3 Resistivity Meter is a specialized version of IGIS Resistivity meters designed for use in Resistivity surveys up to about 200m depth. It utilizes rechargeable batteries as power source to energize the ground thus eliminating the necessity of using the relatively expensive dry cells. The equipment consists of two separate comportment-one for reading the current (G.Unit) and the other for directly reading the resistance/the potential (P-Unit), both housed in a single box. The equipment, powered by a 24V rechargeable battery can send highly stabilized currents up to 200 mA and read the resulting potential with a 100 micro volts resolution or ground resistance directly with 50 micro ohms resolution. Housed in sturdy aluminum box fixed in a briefcase, the instrument provides highly reliable digital outputs of ground resistance during field surveys and finds extensive use in ground water exploration, dam site investigation, and delineation of geological structural features and in several other related problems.

  • Make: IGIS DDR3 India
  • 2 reels of MN
  • 2 reels of AB
  • Compete field bag with tools
  • Configuration:
  • Number of channels 2 bipolar, galvanic ally isolated
  • Input impedance 10M Ω minimum, 90M Ω maximum
  • Dynamic range Up to 140 dB plus 64 dB automatic gain at 1 second integration)

PASI Earth Resistivity Meter 16GL-N use for Electrical resistivity survey which is high resolution 16bit, floating point and highly sensitive lowest voltage 600nV can be measured


  • Subsoil groundwater prospecting at shallow, medium and great depth.
  • Geological stratigraphy
  • Studies of salt water contamination in fresh water layers
  • Landslide monitoring
  • Mineral exploration
  • Archaeological research

Main Functions

  • High resolution (16 bit, floating point)
  • High sensitivity (lowest voltage measured:600Nv)
  • Instrument managed by multiprocessor
  • Continuous readout of current/voltage
  • Auto ranging (automatically adapting of the instrument range to the signal value to measure)
  • Acquisition memory of 18000 readings without direct data download
  • Easy menu of quick learning
  • Creation of energetic wave based upon the parameters supplied by the user
  • Data transfer through usb
  • More than 40 hours of autonomy
  • Automatic filtering
  • Notch filters 50/60Hz
  • Reduction of noise with stacking and average of the values acquired
  • Automatic calibration at every switch-on
  • Suitable to any type of energizer (max.1000V, 1A)
  • Light and compact structure in a sturdy weather proof case

POLARES 2.0  is  the latest system  of highly efficient, 32 channels (extendable up to 256 electrodes) multi-electrode imaging device, which will be utilized to acquire the data with flawless precision and lighting fast speeds.

·         CPU ARM 9 32 BIT
·        Operating system Linux
·        Display QVGA 5.7” with LED background lighting
·        Touch Screen 4 wire resistive
·        Data storage Solid state flash memory
·        External data ports USB host 1.1
·        Connectivity USB key
·        GPS Integrated receiver for georeference of measures
·        DSP Free scale (Motorola) 120 MIPS
·        Converters 300V, 30V, 3V
·        Current measurement range 3A, 300mA, 30mA
·        Frequencies that can be generated 114Hz, 28.6Hz, 7.15Hz, 1.79Hz, 0.45Hz, 0.11Hz
·        Measurement soundness check DC component, distortion, background noise, phase excess, module sigma, phase sigma
·        Peak voltage that can be generated 700 Vpp
·        Peak current that can be generated 2 A
·        Peak power output that can be generated 200 W
·        Power supply 8.5V= / 15V= lead or lithium batteries, 30 A internal fuse, protection against polarity inversions


Mount Sopris has dual processor and accommodates digital multiplexed probes and is compatible with conventional pulsed output type tools. This system enables bi-directional communication with the intelligent down hole electronics. It has the following features.

  • Dual processors
  • Real Time data acquisition
  • RS485 interface
  • Up to 115Kbps data communication
  • Light indicators for equipment operation
  • Software programmable power supply
  • Higher power output
·         Diameter 43 mm / 1.693 in
·         Length 2300 mm / 90.55 in
·         Weight 15 kg / 33.06 lb
·         Shipping Weight 18 kg / 39.68 lb
·         Min. Temperature 0oC / 32oF
·         Max. Temperature 70oC / 158oF
·         Max. Pressure 21000 kPa / 3000 PSI
·         Tool Voltage Required 40 VDC
·         Tool Current Required 170 mA
·         Tool Power Required 7 W
·         Communications Digital DOP
·         Cable Conductors Required NATURAL GAMMA
·         Crystal Size 25.4 mm x 101.6mm / 1 in x 4 in NaI scintillation crystal


·         Diameter 33 mm / 1.299 in
·         Length 730 mm / 28.740 in
·         Weight 3 kg /6.613 lb
·         Min. Temperature 0oC / 32oF
·         Max. Temperature 70oC / 158oF
·         Max. Pressure 21 000 kPa / 3000 psi
·         Cable Conductors Required 1 or 4


·         Model PASI well Camera 1-N
·        Diameter 40mm
·        Length 150 mm
·        Sensor type CCD 1/3’’
·        Minimum intensity required 0.005 lux @ F 1.2
·        Lens 9mm fixed lens
·        Light type 8x high-intensity LED
·        Waterproof protection IP68, water column of 350 m (35 bar)
·        Display 9’‘ TFT LCD
·        Image aspect ratio  16:9 or 4:3
·         Resolution 800×480 pixel
·        System NTSC/PAL

GEA24 is a compact-sized 24 channel seismograph (2 units can be serialized for a total of 48 chs.) with a 24 bit data acquisition board and USB interface for external PC (not included in the standard supply). Suitable for so many applications, GEA-24 is a really affordable solution for all professional uses.


  • Refraction
  • Shallow Reflection
  • Surface Waves (Masw, Re.mi., Vs30, Maam, Esac, Etc.)
  • Hvsr / Vibrations
  • Downhole (with 3D borehole geophone Mod.GFA)
  • Crosshole (with 3D borehole geophone Mod.GFA and cross-hole energizer for P/S waves Mod.CHE)

Main Features

  • Number of channels 24 chs + trigger (AUX ch) – 2 units can be serialized for a total of 48 chs
  • Data Conversion 24 real bits Sigma-Delta ADC (compatible with analog geophones of any resonance frequency)
  • Sampling intervals
    • Active Acquisitions:
      • up to 125 microsec (8000sps) on 24 chs,
      • up to 31.25 microsec (32000sps) on 6 chs
    • Passive Acquisitions:
      • up to 4000 microsec (250sps) on 24 ch
      • up to 500 microsec (2000sps) on 3 chs
    • Acquisition length 27500 samples @ 24 chs (+aux) 174500 samples @ 3 chs (+aux)
    • gain 0/52 dB, software selectable
    • Stacking Unlimited number of stacking
    • Input impedance 2MOhm // 22nF
    • Dynamic Range 144dB (system); >117dB (instantaneous, measured @1ksps)
    • Distortion 007% @16kHz
    • Bandwidth -3dB 8kHz@32ksps – 0.21 kHz@1ksps
    • Bandwidth +/- 0.1dB 5 kHz@32ksps – 0.11 kHz@1ksps
    • Filters
      • Low Pass:125-200-500-1000Hz
      • High Pass: 10-20-30-40-50-70-100-150-200-300-400Hz
    • Notch Filter 50-60Hz + harmonics
    • Trigger Normally closed contact, normally open contact (e.g. with explosive), analog signal (starter geophone, hammer switch), TTL triggering. Trigger sensibility adjustable via software Trace Display Wiggle-trace / variable area
    • Noise-monitor All channels + trigger; real time bar display

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