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Resistive Regimes Of The Earth

The dynamics of earth can be studied on its various physical and mechanical properties like density, velocity, resistivity etc. Tomography is the appropriate phenomenon for the determination of the high resistive and less resistive layers of the earth. Tomography is the best and accurate phenomenon for 2D/3D profiling of the sub-surface of the earth. 2D/3D profiling of the earth provides a 2D/3D model which is obtained by performing tomography on the location. 2D/3D profiling consists of the 2D/3D model which is obtained by a software namely Zondres2 and Res2dinv in which resistivity values at each point is plotted on X-axis and depth is plotted on Y-axis.

Tomography at Jhumpir is performed by BNB for the installation of windmills for the electricity generation. These windmills have too much weight that before installing them, one has to do the fractures/void and stability analysis of the sub surface on which these windmills have to be installed, tomography is the appropriate phenomenon for this purpose which provides high resolution 2D/3D model in which the cavities and structures of the sub-surface is mapped effectively which helps in analyzing the low stable and weak zone of the earth where constructing and installing heavy structures could be hazardous.

Tomography provides a best 2D/3D profiling of the shallow depth investigations of the earth upto 100 m to 150 m. In tomography, an array is set with varying distances of steel electrodes placement which are connected to Polares tomography panel which serve as a current penetrate into the earth with in connection with high voltage battery which provide potential to it. Whereas, steel electrodes deployed at varying distances serves as a current receiver at each distance. BNB stands to be the pioneer in providing 2D/3D profiling services as we are the trendsetter in this domain. Whereas, Attmuqam Hydropower Project also receives tomography services from us as we are a trendsetter in achieving new success horizons in all geophysical domains. We provide 2D/3D profiling with tomography services to major mega projects at national level in Pakistan.

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