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Advance Drilling Technique

Our client has strong market presence in nearly all pharmaceutical segments. For 50 years it has been offering high quality affordable pharmaceutical products and services to improve the overall health standards and making healthcare available to everyone. In order to produce best quality medicine and increase production they required significant amount of water. Water being the essence of industrial sustenance, holds critical value. To fulfill their requirement, they negotiated with Bore and Bore (Leading service providers with substantial expertise in water drilling and underground water estimation).

Bore and Bore started water drilling with his client in November of 2017 and was finalized in February 2018. After reconnaissance geological survey, BNB conducted detailed electrical resistivity survey to mark the low TDS and highly productive aquifer which provided subsurface stratigraphic column i.e. Korangi Conglomerate, Manchar Sandstone, Drig Clay, Talawa Limestone, hill Limestone and Metan Clay respectively.  In Jan, 2018 BNB started water drilling test borehole after completion of water drilling activity BNB performed geophysical logging to obtain lithological data and assign aquifer horizon. As per technical discussions with client, the key requirement was to obtain Low salinity water, but Korangi Industrial area which is the main hub of industries in Karachi has mostly zones of high TDS varying with depth. In Korangi Industrial Area there are more than 100 nos. of water drilling done as of now drilled till varying depths of 200 ft. to 1000 ft. producing water from Manchar Formation which is draining due to excessive pumping. During this project BNB introduced the recently discovered advance water drilling technique which is Aquifer Horizon Segregation (AHS). In order to fulfil industrial requirement BNB proposed to drill water drilling till 1200ft. to attain the Jhill Limestone of Gaj Formation that can produce significant amount of water and seal the upper aquifers to obtain less saline ground water.

Then onwards, BNB made it standard practice to drill deep water drilling in industrial zones like Korangi Industrial Park, SITE area, Karachi Export Zone etc. with the help of advance techniques (AHS) we can save deep aquifer’s from infecting it from upper contaminated water.

Currently, our client has commissioned the deep-water drilling which was constructed on state-of-the-art method of AHS and after this water drilling, our client successfully replenishing its need of daily water production.

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