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Bore & Bore drilling and solutions is a renowned well drilling company in Pakistan. Key mission and vision is to attain the largest well drilling company position across the world. Among all the well drilling companies BNB is the emerging well drilling company which provides consulting services within the field of water well drilling, water management and water exploration.

BNB’s major scope as the well drilling company is to serve the best in water exploration. BNB well drilling company works in multi-phase. To begin with we keep up the Coordination between Client and contractor then Preparation of tender document, Bill of quantities, evaluation of drilling contractor, working methodology, Engineering cost estimation. Conducting technical meetings with Client, Consultant and Contractor. Secondly this reputed well drilling company arrange field survey to study the topography of the area. Electrical Resistivity survey to study aquifer characterization, drainage pattern and selection of water well drilling points.

After all the pre requisite examination and routine surveys BNB well drilling company provides Drilling supervision to ensure working methodology, aquifer zoning, soil logging of the hole. Ensure timely completion of work. Inspection of water well materials. Design of water well for maximum yield. Supervise pump out test to ensure safe yield. Selection of pump and its safe yield, Pump setting depth etc.

Finally, BNB water well drilling company Designs a pump room and rehabilitation of existing wells (after sales support). Preparation of water well report based on factual findings and tests is also included.


Not only in water exploration but also in the geotechnical borehole drilling Bore and Bore is serving as the pioneer. BNB well drilling company has a vibrant team of engineers and geologists who are continuously working in laboratory and field to provide accurate and reliable geotechnical and geological data. The engineers and geologists of this well drilling company examine the soil and rock layers that make up the earth in order to determine their physical and chemical properties through drilling of boreholes and laboratory testing. Using this information, BNB designs foundations and earthworks structures for buildings, roads, dams, embankments, cuts, foundations, retaining walls, anchors, tunnels and all other structures directly interacting with the subsoil, both onshore and offshore.

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